6 Things You Cannot Skip While Getting Ready For an Indian Wedding


Wedding season is one of the most awaited periods in the country. Who doesn’t like looking pretty, meeting new people and of course; free food! Whenever we attend an Indian wedding, before we direct our undivided attention to the wide variety of food; the first thing we look at is the dresses and outfits of others, their look for the occasion, accessories, etc. Did you know that these are some of the major things you cannot skip while attending an Indian wedding? We bet you weren’t aware of it. But don’t you worry; we’ve got your back!

  • Wedding season means not just good but beautiful and elegant outfits. There is a wide range of traditional dresses that you can pick. And if you are in the mood of experimenting, you can also give your traditional outfit a western touch. But you cannot skip choosing the most unique and beautiful outfit.
  • You can skip any piece of jewelry but you just cannot skip wearing big gold earrings. Earrings not just give the feminine touch to your look but also act as a style statement and gold will add richness and royalty to your look. So if you have a wedding to attend, you better start planning on which earring you are going to wear.

  • Footwear is always ignored as people think it barely gets noticed. But you know what? It does get noticed all the time! You have two options here, either look for footwear that can be worn with any outfit or you can purchase one exclusively for the outfit.
  • Your makeup should not be too much over the top or too less. Work with glitter as they are perfect for Indian weddings. Make sure you use just a little bit of it for your lids and cheekbones. You cannot skip the highlighter too.
  • You have the best outfit, the best accessory, and the best footwear. It’s time you decide the best hand accessory for yourself. A cute little clutch or a stylish yet festive looking handbag will do the job perfectly! You can stuff your touch-up makeup items in your tiny bag. Don’t even think about carrying every makeup item in a huge handbag. It will ruin the look!
  • You are going to look good and welcoming if you smell good. Make sure you have a beautiful scent for such occasions. A subtle fragrant perfume will do wonders!