Over the summer I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of Morocco. We took literally thousands of photos, as every step, turn, and street were pure aesthetic captivation. Trying to go through all of the photos and narrow them down to share on my site has been a daunting task but I’m finally finished. I hope you enjoy the little glimpse into my Moroccan dream. Wandering through the endless souks in Marrakech is a Morocco must. I came home from the trip with a beautiful rug (make sure to bargain), all kinds of spices, a silver carved platter and some Dior sunglasses of dubious authenticity… among many other things.

Probably my favourite place was the spice market. This place is incredible, they spent forever teaching us about every spice, and amazing healing remedies like eucalyptus and more. Came home with so many wonderful spices!

Clothing: Before I went to Morocco many people were warning me and advising me on what to wear, especially being a blonde American in the city. “No shorts, no bare shoulders, etc.” Of course, it is an extremely conservative culture, but at the same time becoming very modern and westernized. It was very hot so even though I would wear shorts I would always bring a scarf or long kimono with me in case I visited a mosque or just wanted to be a bit more respectful walking through religious areas etc. I wore long skirts and tank tops/crop tops on most occasions and was completely fine and accepted.

The verdict: People make much more of a big deal about it than it really is. Wear want you want, just be respectful about it.

One of the absolute highlights of the trip- visiting the Fantasia Borj Bladi show. It’s about a 30-minute drive outside the city, they have a car come pick you up and you are transported back in time to a beautiful (medieval style is the closest comparison I can come up with) type of show. You are served an abundance of food by a whole team of performers, chefs, dancers and artists. They put on beautiful dance shows, horse races, henna, camel riding and more.

My Highlights:

Long skirts- were my easy go to look in Morocco. Nice because they are loose and light, but also cover up your skin in case you’re a bit apprehensive about being too bare. (but see I’m okay in my crop top)

Rug shopping- I found a beautiful rug that now in my home and a constant reminder of a beautiful trip. Yes, I had to buy an extra suitcase to bring it home, but it was worth it.

If you watch Game of Thrones you may recognize Essaouira as the show has been shot on its historical cliffside castle-like walls on numerous occasions. A fortress once enclosed the city in the mid-16th century, and many of its walls still remain. Now mainly a fishing harbour the seaside is covered in little boats and seagulls. I really hope you enjoyed Morocco through our eyes. Thank you to everyone who made this trip so special, all the beautiful people we met along the way, The Pearl Marrakech Hotel, the Four Seasons Marrakech, Borj Bladi, new friends and of course the Moroccan Tourism Board.