All About Distinct Types Of US Dollar Coins – Their History, Significance, Value, And More!


In numismatic circles, US silver dollar is considered to be no less than institution. Enthusiast and experts agree to the point that coinage that was created during 1794 to 1935 is one of the finest works done in this field.

As a result, the silver dollar is greatly valued by the collectors and investors alike. Let us explore more about different kinds of dollar coins in the following sections!

Morgan dollars

Morgan dollars were issued right from 1878 to 1904. This series of silver dollars rivals Lincoln cent as most famous across the world. The rarity of coins among this series generally ranges from the ultra common to impossible. It depends on condition that is being sought. Its higher demand leads to higher prices. It is willingly paid by the collectors! Morgan dollar collector is highly inventive, versatile, and filled with perseverance and dedication.

Trade dollars

This series have coins minted in US but were intended for the trade in Orient. They were issued through 1873 to 1878 especially for business purposes. The proofs are normally collected of 1873-83 issues. Business strike sets too are often collected having “chopmarks” on them. These chopmarks were then placed on coins by the merchants to denote ownership.

Peace Dollar

Peace dollars were created for commemorating victorious end of the First World War. As a result, its name was derived as Peace dollar. Once the approval of Treasury Secretary was received, a contest for finding new design was started. An ample of designers submitted their design that included creators of the earlier coins. However, the design by an unknown designed called Anthony De Francisci was chosen.

The face of this dollar features Liberty. It even has a radiant crown which is representation of sun indicating dawn of new era.

Silver coins as investments and collectibles

Silver coins hold great value since the metal that they are pressed from actually holds value! Plus, the stability of the precious metals too makes them solid proposition. Metal prices usually trend upwards over time that ultimately leads to slow yet steady increase in its value. Dollar coins offer much closer approximation of melt value of metals on which they generally are based on. In fact, silver dollars can be great to add to your investment portfolio.

If you too are interested in buying silver dollars, make sure to visit reliable online stores. Only the most reliable ones will be based on condition, certified grade, and other important factors.