Common FAQ Asked About Wearing Sunglasses


Is there a need to wear sunglasses, if sun does not bother your eyes?

The UV rays from the sun can cause pingueculae, photokeratitis, and permanent damage to the retina, so it is necessary to wear sunglasses.

What are UV rays?

Visible light spectrum in the sunlight includes a violet portion and ultra violet rays are located preceding it. UV rays get categorized into three types.

  1. UVA – These have long wavelength and passes easily through glass but there is still in-depth study needed to find out if it damages the eyes or not.
  1. UVB – These are very dangerous but cannot penetrate through glass. Therefore make sure to wear sunglasses and sunscreen. 
  1. UVC – These rays don’t reach earth because it is blocked by the atmosphere.

When do UV rays impact your eyes?

From 10am to 2pm the sunrays are strongest. Other conditions where UV rays affect your eyes are –

  • People think that the climate is cloudy and so avoid wearing sunglasses. Even when sky is overcast, UV beams can penetrate the clouds.
  • If people are surrounded by water, sand or snow then reflections and glare can give them trouble, so keep sunglasses ready.
  • Windshield is also a big source of glare, so while riding wear sunglasses.
  • Tanning beds, sun lamps, high altitudes, proximity to equator, and photosensitizing drugs also puts your eyes at risk.

How to protect eyes from UV damage?

Sunglasses are the best option to protect eyes from UV damage. Contact lenses with UV protection feature are available but they cannot cover the whole eye. So prescription sunglasses are the necessary option. You can look for sunglasses, which give protection against UVA and UVB rays. The label will read ‘UV 400’. You can even consider choosing wraparound power sunglasses, which protects eyes from all sides.

What options do you get with power sunglasses?

Clip-ons are more affordable options. Some get magnetically attached to frames. Thus you get clip-on sunglasses with reduced risk of scratches to your prescription lenses.

Which sunglass lens colour to choose?

It is personal choice but brown and grey are best because the colour hardly distorts the vision. Athletes prefer tints, for example skiers choose yellow lenses because it helps them to see clearly in low light, reduces the haze as well as increases contrast for sharp images.

Do kids need sunglasses?

Sunglasses for kids are essential. They too are at risk of detrimental UV rays damaging their sensitive eyes. UV damage is accumulative over the lifetime of a person. It means, the sooner you start protecting your kids eyes the better it is.