GPS Tile Finder: Know Where Everything Is


The use of GPS is no longer restricted to vehicles and cell phones, to put it mildly. If you are one of the people who doesn’t know about GPS and doesn’t use GPS every day, you should know that you’re a part of the group that’s growing smaller every day. About 20 years ago (maybe 25), the idea of using a global positioning system (GPS) was relatively new. People still used maps instead of finding destinations electronically. They also wrote notes and remembered where they put things (well, sometimes they remembered).

This technology has expanded to include a number of useful applications, such as putting a small tracking device on personal possessions so that you can find them more quickly. The very-small tracking device uses satellite signals in the same general way that you use the technology to know where you’re going and where you are in relation to a chosen destination. But, in this case, you’re not necessarily concerned about where you or someone else is or where your car is in relation to the restaurant.

Small, Affordable

You can now use a tile finder from one of the leading suppliers in this field to keep track of and organise your life. It’s as simple as that. Consider this: Put one of these remarkable devices on your backpack, on your keychain, or on your dog’s collar, and you’ll have the ability to locate that item or that family pet, eliminating the worry and stress you might otherwise feel. When you’re within about 100M (Bluetooth range) you’ll be able to see where the locator is on a map right on your phone.

Essentially, you have personal GPS tracking with pinpoint accuracy, so the chances of losing a valuable item, your canine companion, or another individual, are significantly reduced. You’ll know their location and can start taking steps to return them safely. And, this is a two-way street, as well. Once you set up the connection between your phone and your locator, you can find your phone by double-tapping the tracking locator to call the cell phone, within a reasonable distance.

There’s More

If that’s not enough to inspire you to start using these small, convenient locator/trackers, read on. There will be no need to buy new trackers if your battery runs out. With the newest products, you replace the batteries, and you’re ready to stay in touch again. You can even use the trackers to provide extra personal or property security.

For example, if you have a tracker on a valuable item in your home, you can set up a perimeter around the property. When the tracker goes outside these boundaries, you can receive both SMS and email notices. Don’t worry about the weather with your new GPS tracker. They’re now made to stand up to tough conditions, including the wettest of weather.