Learn Step by Step Ways to Master the Unboxing Experience


Unboxing of product is where the real excitement lies. People these days share a lot of pictures and videos about their unboxing experience. To capitalize on this social media advantage, more and more businesses are focusing on creating the best product packaging to allure their customers. We are sharing with you a series of steps that will help in mastering the unboxing experience.

Select the right packaging

To master the unboxing experience, this is the first and foremost thing that you need to consider. Packaging whether very small or big, if is not done with the right material, then may defeat the entire purpose.  Below questions will help in making the right packaging selection.

  • Does the design of your packaging represent your brand?
  • What delivery methods do you provide to your customers?
  • Is the delivery location same as the end destination?
  • What fraction of your sales get returned by the customers?
  • What are the common types of basket combinations?

All these questions assist in identification of the kind of functionality that you require from your packaging range. It provides the starting place to create an ideal range of packaging products for your brand.

Engage All the Senses

Use textures that add a little glam to the entire packaging so as to make your products look good.  Ensure the items within your box are properly arranged.

Personalize The Unboxing Experience

Making it personalized for your customers would make them feel appreciated and special. So, design an unboxing experience that acknowledges and recognizes your customers. Even before arrival of the physical package, you must give your customers that personal touch.

Intimate customers about delivery

Your customers would definitely appreciate communication along with a simple email that can assist them in building up an expectation for an impending delivery.

Use of creative packaging

No one is interested in a boring packaging with no frills, logo, and design. Introduce features that make your design unique, so that it sticks in the mind of people. You can start off with an interesting branded box design. You can even have logo stickers printed on the packaging box. You can use some affordable options such as a logo stamp or a branded packing tape too.


There’s no denying from the fact that unboxing videos have got a lot popular among people nowadays. These easy and effective ways will definitely help your business in mastering unboxing experience.