Six Helpful Tips when Storing your Tires


If you are using at least one set of tires on a regular basis, you probably don’t pay much attention to where or how you store the tires you are not using. But, in terms of tires, a little TLC can help them last. Thus, if you have been storing tires outside, tossing them in the garage, or hauling them around in your car trunk, read the following tips to ensure your tires can serve you for the longest time possible.

Clean the Tires before Storing Them

While using your winter tires normally, they can accumulate brake dust, road grime, dirt, and others which can cause damage when they sit on your tires for a long time. Clean the tires using water, soap and a tire brush. If your tires are mounted on the rim, clean the wheels as well. After cleaning, wipe them and wheel them down with a towel so they can dry completely.

Place them in Airtight Plastic Bags

Plastic bags like garden bags and lawn bags are big enough to accommodate your tires. Remove as much from these bags before you seal them with tape. This prevents the evaporation of the lubricating oil within the tire compounds.

Store the Tires in an Upright Position

Storing your tires upright puts less stress on them. In case you need to stack them, avoid stacking them too high to prevent the tire tower from toppling over and damaging your tires. But, tires still mounted on rims should be stored stacked instead of upright.

Use Tire Totes

Some people use tire totes when storing their tires. But, even if these totes are convenient and tidy, they are not airtight, thus, they may not protect the tires from the atmosphere. When using tire totes, put the tires in plastic bags first and then put them in the totes.

Keep the Tires Away from the Sun

Since tires are black, they can easily soak up the sun’s heat and heat up to more than 120 degrees F. Such intense heat can cause their rubber to break down. If you have to store your tires outside, use a tire garage so they stay protected from the sun, snow, or rain.

 Move your Vehicle Every Once in a While

If you need to store your vehicle for a long period of time, your tires can get damaged because of the constant weight on them. If possible, take the vehicle out for a short drive to relieve the stress on your tires and keep the latter’s rubber compound supple and lubricated.