What are the Types of Golf Practice Nets Available?


When it comes to practicing golf, one should always be consistent. When you have a hectic schedule or the weather is rough, it becomes hard for golfers to practice. Many turn to indoor golf practice to fulfill their desires. If you are one of them, you can truly relate to this. Considering buying the Best Indoor Golf Practice Net? Visit us! As far as sometimes indoor golfing helps in keeping the consistency, many people tend to overlook the importance of a golf practice net. This article emphasizes on the types of golf practice nets available.

  1. Driving nets

These nets help a golfer in his driving skills. It comes with two vertical poles on each side and a net is installed in the space amid these two poles. As it is easily installable, driving nets are the most preferable choice for golfers. The driving nets tend to vary in its size and shape on the basis of the golfer’s convenience. The benefits of the driving nets are that it stops the ball to wander off far away. No matter how hard the shot was, the ball will be safely residing in this net. This nets also protects people in the background from any kind of potential damage.

  1. Driving cage

This net looks a lot like the steel cage used in the WWFs. These nets are usually made of steel frames which deems them perfect in the long run. As these cages are taller, a golfer can hit with as much intensity as he wants to with no danger that the ball could slip away farther from the premises. So besides practicing straight shots, a golfer can also work on refining his sideways hits with this golf practice net. But, the only disadvantage here is they cannot be shifted from one place to another. They are heavier and one cannot just pick it up and move it around. So, before you install this net, ensure that you have a perfect spot for the same. Because once it has been installed, it is going to be there for a long, long time.

  1. Chipping nets

The smallest golf practice net ever. This comes in handy when the golfer is practicing on his chipping skills. When he has to chip at a specific target, these nets also come with many targets being engraved in them. Once that spot is hit, the ball is stuck at that spot. So, if you are looking forward to secure precise spots, chipping nets are the one for you.