Why are Ski-Doo REV Gen4 Snowmobiles So Cool?


Ski-Doo REV Gen4 snowmobiles have duly managed to win the hearts of many riders since the inception and introduction of 2017 Ski-Doo Summit, MXZ and Renegade trail sleds. They have upgraded and enhanced the Ski-doo lineup with many more engines, options, and the coolest features that the spec sheets don’t tell you.

So here are the innovations made in the last 3 model years you should be aware about.

  1. The Rotax 600R E-TEC

A 600cc engine would arrive in the REV Gen4 platform at last, but you might not be aware of the advantages this 125-hp motor presents to a rider. Composing this engine for the REV Gen4 platform has posed a challenge for the engineers to balance the engine mass in the center of the sled letting the sled to respond directly and instantly to rider input. This has also let them to reword some of the power delivery components that trigger the immediate throttle response riders raved about the 850 E-TEC. And it all comes equipped with the new benchmark 600. The good news for the mountain riders, building this model enables the integration of this new SHOT battery-less pushbutton beginning system to the 600 class of Summit automobiles. To know about the similar model, visit this link: performancenc.ca/vehicules/usages/motoneige/.

  1. Full X-RS Integration

While the Ski-Doo trail riders were introduced to the first X-RS built on the REV Gen4 platform for this year in the 850 E-TEC variety chain, there is still a craving for those who want the ultimate performance in the Gen4 platform. This craving was fulfilled by the Model Year 2019 when 600R E-TEC was integrated into an REV Gen4 MXZ X-RS snowmobile. This heavenly integration has race ready features like flat, a more forward steering post, reinforced running boards, chassis reinforcements, and a lightweight and ultra-responsive REV Gen4 package.

  1. Rotax turbo power

Probably the best news for all stroke turbo fans is that it is installed in the REV Gen4 platform. The latest Rotax 900 ACE Turbo works on dynamic response in a compact and capable package. Delivering 150-class horsepower, the Rotax powerplant maintains its reputation for industry leading fuel economy, durability and 3 driving modes for your desired riding style. This addition has also enabled another first for ski doo snowmobiles. The very first quadruple powered X-RS package in the Renegade X-RS 900 ACE turbo.