Why Should You Prefer to Use Treated Poles?


How will you take it if the poles used for playing different games for your kids are getting infested by borers, termites and many other pests? That is the reason, it is necessary to use any pole which is of best quality and treated as well.

In this short write-up, we shall talk about treated pilings and how they can be very useful for any kind of interesting projects too.

We all know that wood is one of the most preferred items for a building for making any kind of furniture, any structure or jungle gym. As compared to aluminum, plastic or steel, wood needs lesser energy and also it is naturally available material. Therefore, wood is considered to be more environment friendly. It will cut your carbon emission.

As compared to many other man-made materials, wood can store carbon for years. You do not need to waste any fossil fuel in order to create wood. Wood being an organic material and proves to be much better than plastic. As plastics can be recycled however for that it needs plenty of energy and fossil fuel.

There is another advantage of using treated wood as compared to any natural wood, though both of them are environment friendly. Natural woods will get moist in any normal condition and may get softened if it is left in such a way. Also, they can attract different kinds of pests. On the other hand, if the wood is properly treated with preservatives and chemicals, then it will prevent insects like carpenter ants or termites etc. This will also discourage insects like cockroaches and spiders to attack your home. The structural integrity of your home will also be better by using treated wood.

Wood as we all know can attract fire very easily. By treating wood, you can also increase its fire resistance property. If you are building any wooden structure near any fire prone area then it is extremely essential that you must use only treated woods.

As far as its cost is concerned, you will certainly find any treated woods little costlier as compared to natural woods, however look at the life that it will last and also it can protect against various insects and hence the extra money that you have to pay will get recovered much earlier. You can use these treated woods in both indoor as well as outdoor and will be a better choice than steel which may get corroded unless you do not use proper coating.